Three Reasons to Choose Digital Radiography

What is digital radiography and why is it beneficial? That is a question that many patients ask when they are speaking with a specialist about specific testing. And it is an understandable question, as regular x-rays have become such a common part of our lives.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a type of x-ray imaging where the sensors employed are digital, instead of photographic films. These tests offer many advantages to patients, compared to typical x-ray testing. Here are three of the top benefits:

digital x-ray imaging

1. Lack of Hazardous Chemicals

The biggest reason to avoid regular x-rays is because digital radiography does not expose patients to the same harmful chemicals. There are no fumes or other chemicals that are released into the air while typical x-ray image processing is going on. Stats show that radiation exposure is 75 percent LESS with digital x-ray imaging compared to traditional x-rays.

2. Image Enhancement

With a digital x-ray system, it is possible for the attending expert to control how each image is exposed and produced. Images can be enhanced at the moment, while changes to color are also possible. Images can even be superimposed on the spot. And all of these things can happen in minutes, which means quicker results and a better diagnosis from a doctor.

3. Easy Image Sharing

So many patients have experienced the frustration of one practitioner sending x-ray files to another. It can take hours or days, depending on the way information is exchanged. These issues do not exist with digital x-rays. Since the files are digital, they can be transferred to any practitioner in minutes.

Whenever an x-ray is required, a patient should ask their doctor if it is possible for them to get a digital x-ray. There will be a medical facility within your insurance plan that provides digital x-ray services.